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Frequently asked questions

How do I get to my Tourbook and how is it shown to me and others?

Your Tourbook is accessible under your real name, e.g.,
or, if you prefer, under your username e.g. You can choose either option in your settings.

How can I create new records?

Its very easy: in the menu, click on new record, give it a Name (title) and choose it's category. Finished!

What can I save with my records?

Enter as much or as little as you want: category, name (title), date, location, data (like e.g. altitude gained or time walked), pictures as well as some more things (like e.g. the weather). All entries can be edited and modified later on by clicking on the corresponding icon. To edit the name (title), category, location or date, just click on them.

Which of my records can be viewed by others?

You can assign an access status to each of your records. It defines, which persons are able to see it: just you - your friends - other users - everybody. To set or change an access status of a record, click on the icon in the record list, or on the icon in the record view. There you also get more detailed explanations of the different options.

How can I share my records with others?

Records with the status public can be accessed by all visitors of your tourbook. You can create an share a friendscode, for your friends to log into your tourbook and view all the records you want them to. You can also send a special link of a record, enabling it to be viewed by the recipient regardless of its access status.

What are companions and how do I share records with them?

Companions are friends who have their own tourbook. To invite somebody as your companion, click in his or her tourbook on the button invite as your companion. Companions can view your records up to the access status friends. You can also share records with your companions, by adding them to the with list of a record. This will show the record in their own tourbook and, if you approve, enable them to edit and add to it as well.

What is a friends code?

Persons knowing this code can log into your Tourbook and view records with the status friends. To log in as a friend, just enter the friends code in the top-right field password or friendscode. You can choose the friends code for your Tourbook in your settings.
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