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Every record in your tourbook receives a certain amount of points. These points are in no way meant to rate you, your achievements or the quality of your records. They're just a method to allow for comparison between records and tourbooks.

Which points count and which don't? The points reached are shown in every record, however only points from records with the access status public are rated toward the sum of points in your tourbook.

How are points calculated? The points reached are based on your entries: the more content in your record, the more points you get for it. Following items may contribute to the sum of points:
Days: For every day spent on a tour, you receive 5 points. A week of travel for example gets you 35 points, a daytrip 5.
Text: The more text you write, the more points you get. 10 points for every 100 words, with a maximum of 50 points. The number of saved words is shown below the textbox in the editor.
Data: More effort, more points. 1 point for every Meter gained in altitude, or 2 points per Kilometer (1 point/km for bike-trips) or 10 points for every hour walked. Whereas only the highest of these values is taken into account. Example: a mountain hike with 800 Meters gain in altitude, 2h30' ascent, 1h30 descent (walking time = 4h). Reaches 80 points (for the gain in altitude).

For Meters of altitude gained while climbing (e.g. climbing-trips, fia ferrate, ice-climbing, canyoning or caving), an additional 2 points per 10 Meters of altitude gained are earned.

Pictures: Each uploaded picture gets you 2 points, up to a maximum of 20 points (= 10 pictures).
Credits: Each credit you receive from other users for your record, is worth Punkteanzahl um 20!
Note: There are no restrictions for entries in your tourbook, but if we catch somebody exaggerating data values with the purpose of gaining more points, we have to reset the points for this record to zero. So please stick to the truth when entering your data :)

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